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Jaejoong sells out all 120,000 copies of his solo album


Jaejoong has sold out a batch of 120,000 copies of his solo album ‘I‘!

The solo mini album was released on the 17th, and has already sold 120,000 copies, leaving a demand for more to be produced. As a result, his label has recently produced 20,000 additional copies. Not only so, but his album managed to sweep Hanteo’s Real-Time, Daily, and Weekly charts with the release, signifying the high interest his first solo project has gathered.

His label said, “In the digital music generation that we live today, it isn’t easy to increase album sales… We think his musical color is being acknowledged, and he matched the public’s taste well.“


120,000 buah album solo Jaejoong “I” telah habis terjual!

Mini album solo yang di-release pada tanggal 17 lalu telah habis terjual sejumlah 120,000 buah, sehingga banyak yang meminta agar album tersebut segera diproduksi kembali. Alhasil, pihak manajemen telah memproduksi kembali 20,000 buah album sebagai tabahan. Bukan hanya itu, album tersebut juga berhasil menempati posisi pertama dalam chart harian hingga mingguan Hanteo’s Real Time, menunjukan tingginya minat publik pada album solo pertama milik Jaejoong.

pihak manajemen berkata ” Pada masa digital music seperti saat ini, meningkatkan penjualan album bukanlah hal yang mudah… Kami merasa warna musik milik Jaejoong telah diakui, dan cocok dengan selera publik.”

Source: allkpop
Indonesian translation by: TVXQ!s RedQueens
Shared by: TVXQ!s RedQueens

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