INFO: Tracklist in Jaejoong’s repackage album, “Y”


01. Kiss B
 Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong, Iyu/Composer-Kim Jaejoong, Iyu/Arrangement-Seo Jungjin

02. Only Love 
Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong, Flowsik/Composer-Kim Jaejoong, Flowsik/Arrangement-Fraktal

03. 내안 가득히 
Lyrics-Jeon Haeseong/Composer-Jeon Haeseong/Arrangement-PJ, Kim Jaejoong

04. All Alone 
Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong/Composer-Kim Jaejoong, Kim Sejin/Arrangment-Kim Sejin

05. One Kiss 
Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong/Composer-Kim Bada/Arrangment-숀 (SHAUN)

06. 나만의 위로 
Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong/Composer-Kim Jaejoong/Arrangment-Kwon Bingi

07. Mine 
Lyrics-Kim Jaejoong/Composer-Kim Bada, Shaun/Arrangement-Kim Bada, Shaun

08. One Kiss (Inst.)

09. All Alone (Inst.)

Source: dvdheaven
Shared by TVXQ!’s RedQueens

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