JYJ Jaejoong start the Asia tour in Thailand! “5000 fans enthusiastic”


JYJ Jaejoong kicked off his Asia tour in Thailand.

On February 17, Jaejoong held the  “Your, My and Mine” concert at Bitec hall, Thailand.  Jaejoong showed various charm and got about 5000 fans who gathered at the venue into frenzy.

The first part of the concert was composed of quiz, rock paper scissors game, cooking program and other fan-engaging activities. All fans spent a peaceful time with the singer’s kind and charismatic character. On cooking program, to meet the demands of fans, Jaejoong cooked very hot Toppoki and called a lucky fan up the stage to taste his famous cooking.

He also gave candies to fans to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

On the second part of the event, Full-fledged concert was held. Jaejoong, transformed into a rocker, sang  “One Kiss”, a song from his latest album, enthusiastically. In addition, he sang “Comfort of Mine”, “For you” and “I always”. The thick rock voice of Jaejoong turning up the atmosphere in the venue. He also sing “I’ll Protect You” and “All Alone” which the singer composed himself.

When the song “Mine” was played, fans were following excitedly as they head-bang to the song.  Before the concert during his press conference, Jaejoong had stated, “I can’t wait to get to Thailand. I am so excited and nervous to meet my fans there again.”

English translation & shared by TVXQ!’s RedQueens


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