INFO: Tohoshinki adds new dates for “TIME” tour + official TIME tour logo!


TIME Tour will kickoff on April 27th at Super Saitama Dome and the grand finale will be held in June at Tokyo Dome! There are currently 16 concerts scheduled! Four new dates added!  Here is the list of the rest of the schedules and their respective domes:

April 27 Saitama Dome
April 28 Saitama Dome
April 29 Saitama Dome
May 5 Sapporo Dome
May 10 Nagoya Dome
May 11 Nagoya Dome
May 12 Nagoya Dome
May 25 Fukuoka Dome
May 26 Fukuoka Dome
June 5 Kyocera Dome
June 6 Kyocera Dome
June 8 Osaka Dome
June 9 Osaka Dome
June 15 Tokyo Dome
June 16 Tokyo Dome
June 17 Tokyo Dome 
The bolded dates were recently added due to popular demand!

Source: We Are TVXQ!
Shared by TVXQ!’s RedQueens


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