Jaejoong’s ‘Y’ sees immediate success: sells out and tops iTunes charts


Wow, that was fast! Jaejoong just released the repackaged version of his first solo album ‘I‘, titled ‘Y‘, but even despite it being a repack, it has already flown off shelves and topped charts across Asia!

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on the 26th, “Jaejoong’s repackaged version of his solo mini album is raising a storm in the music markets. The pre-order of 50,000 copies of the repackaged album sold out immediately and requests for additional copies are flooding in, leaving us faced with a shortage of goods.”

“The newly added songs are of high quality and as there is a dance song with a different charm from the rock album, we expect those are the reasons behind this better-than-expected response. Right after the release of the album yesterday, it ranked #1 on the Thailand, Japan, and Philippines’ iTunes charts.”

Despite his success with his solo albums, Jaejoong has shown that he still remains grounded even with all of his fame as he will be making a generous donation to UNICEF on behalf of JYJ.

Congrats Jaejoong!

Source + image: Financial News via Naver + allkpop
Shared by: TVXQ!’s RedQueens


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