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JYJ Naver Line Update






  • Hello guys
  • I’m Junsu, keke
  • I’m in Japan now!!!!
  • I’m in Japan!!!
  • All of you know???
  • Okay, in order to see the big gorillas, let’s go go to the  zoo!!!
  • Currently Jaejoongie hyung. He is training with a mask on. He is doing his solo wearing something where one side of his collarbone can be seen.
  • Yoochunie is now sitting on a chair, crossing his legs, and shaking his foot while singing.


  • You’re doing well!! Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?? (T/N: Jaejoong is asking if Junsu wants to be hit by him)
  • Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke
  • Junsu-yah hehe. Stop sending hehehehe I’m going to spread your photos!


  • Jaejoongie-hyunh. Took away his phone!! Ke ke
  • Above is Kim Junsu reporting from Tokyo


  • If I say I will do it, I will!!! Hehehehe

BGmOF88CcAEe2rF.jpg large

BGmQS3zCcAAF4ef.jpg large


This is me!
As for Yoochunnie~~

Yoochunie is tormenting Junsu continuously today~hehehehehehehe Yoochunnie is currently very happy hehehehe

BGmSUShCAAE3VEt.jpg large

This is how it feels? Hehe
Junsu gain strength!!!

Translation Credit: Shinkipeia
Shared By: TVXQ!s Red Queens


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