JYJ Talks About the Years it Qasn’t Able to Go to Japan

51398932The JYJ members have been through hard times, and they didn′t hesitate in showing it.

At the press conference held before their exclusive Tokyo Dome concert, the 2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – The Return of the JYJ on April 4, the members talked about how they felt about their concerts and their plans for their future in Korea and Japan.

Kim Junsu started, “It took a long time for us to come back. With that, we′ll work hard to leave behind no regrets.”

He added, “When we performed here three years ago, we meant to show how we would meet our new start as JYJ; we didn′t know that would be our last in Japan. We′ve spent half of our careers in Japan, so the country′s like our second home. I felt so sorry that we couldn′t do anything for such a meaningful place.”

Park Yoo Chun also said, “We cried a lot here. I′m happy we′re back. We didn′t idle away our four years. I′m glad many people have welcomed us in our return.”

“I′m hoping we′ll be able to start up our Japanese promotions again with this concert, but having the legal issues sorted out isn′t everything there is,” he added, showing that their future in Japan was still unclear.

Kim Jae Joong commented, “Four years could be long or short, depending on how you see it. I′m so thankful that [our fans] have given us trust that is rarely given to even friends and family. We want to thank them for showing trust in our unclear future and waiting for us.”

The 2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – The Return of the JYJ took place from April 2-4.

Credits: enewsworld
Shared by: TVXQ!’s RedQueens


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