[PHOTO] TVXQ TIME LIVE TOUR 2013 at Saitama Super Arena goodies

Photos from  TVXQ TIME LIVE TOUR 2013 in Saitama Super Arena. and again, admin Youki is here right from the concert venue. Youki’s seat was a PREMIUM SEAT.

2013-04-30T22-21-32_1 2013-04-30T22-21-33_11 2013-04-30T22-21-33_12 2013-04-30T22-21-33_9 2013-04-30T22-21-33_10 2013-04-30T22-21-32_2 2013-04-30T22-21-32_3 2013-04-30T22-21-32_4 2013-04-30T22-21-32_6 2013-04-30T22-21-32_5 2013-04-30T22-21-32_7 2013-04-30T22-21-33_8

Premium Seat Goodies2013-04-30T22-21-32_0 2013-04-30T22-21-33_14 2013-04-30T22-21-33_15

Pen light


Ticker tape written Yunho & Changmin’s message


Pen, sold at the vemue only


sign ball Yunho threw.


Credits: RedQueens Japanese Member Youki except for pamphlet pictures.
Shared by: TVXQ!’s RedQueens


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