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[TRANS] Jaejoong Twitter Update

7:54am KST -LoVE&FREE- If our expressions of true love get too long, the person on the receiving-end may misunderstand it for “preaching, persuasion”. I believe that the happiest word that the world has given us is “Thank you.” Try saying it to those around you today.

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([T/N: Translation of text posted by Jaejoong]
There are times when ‘one word’ from someone can make your heart feel lighter.
There are times when ‘one word’ from someone can completely change your life.
There are times when ‘one word’ from someone can help a person live the rest of his life.
Putting love in each and every word.
Though it’s a little hard to do at times,
it may be the simplest but the greatest way to express oneself.)

7:56am KST: Though I don’t seem to say this enough, I’m always grateful, “Thank you.”

11:35am KST:They say that our youth, the most dazzling moment of our lives, comes only once for the short period of time that is our twenties but.. the most beautiful “that moment” of happiness can come at any time in our lives. Every moment from the moment you take off to when you land back down has the possibility of becoming “the greatest moment”.

11:35am KST: For example.. Even if there are unsightly and perilous moments in our lives, that could be “that moment” for someone else. What we see with our eyes may just be the tip of the iceberg of the most priceless and incomparable happiness that exists. “Your own resplendence” that no one else can see.

11:42am KST: Everyone, can you see “your own resplendence” in your lives right now? It’s a memory that only you can see, and it may just be something small that you’ve accomplished so far. Search for it. And remember. Just how precious and amazing your existence in this world is.

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Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated By:
Shared Via: TVXQ!s Red Queens


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