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JYJ-Naver Line Update: Yoochun

[ENG] Thank you…I know you guys waited for this for this so long, sorry for letting you know late. I’ve been thinking about this a lot…well I’ll do my best and I’m sure it will be a great experience in my life. Thank you all!

The way I can pay you back for your love is doing my best. Thank you again!

[KOR] Thank’ve waited for so long, sorry for the late news.. I as expected, thought a lot about it. I’ll work hard and learn from this project. Though you still have to wait, but I’ll surely repay everyone with a good act. Thank you. Everyone.

Believe in me, believe in Park Yoochun, I’ll work hard and with sincerity repay those who waited for me. I’ll do my best in my role. Thank you!!!^^

Source: JYJ Naver Line
Translation Credit: KatHeartsJJ
Shared Via: TVXQ!s Red Queens


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