To ensure everyone’s pleasure in TVXQ’s RED QUEENS, we have a few simple rules to be followed by everyone.

  • You are to respect everyone, be it all five boys, other artists, staff and other users. No bashing is allowed in any part of this website thank you very much!
  • When taking out any materials from this site, please credit it properly. In fact, all of you are strongly encourage, if not obliged to read our policy.
  • No fanwar between fandoms, or worse, within ourselves. Respect every fandom and everyone here, no matter how much you dislike a fandom or anything.
  • Please note that this website is ran to accommodate everyone who loves TVXQ! and all five members. If you are a side-chooser (also known as stan/lawsuit-based chooser), please note that your presence is welcomed but please follow the above rules.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!


The Queens.


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