JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s Solo Album Continues to Gather Popularity


It′s been a long time since Kim Jae Joong released his solo album, but it′s surprisingly still been gathering popularity overseas.

The music video for Kim Jae Joong′s Mine, from his mini album I released in January, recently reached 25 million views on the Chinese music video site Yinyuetai.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment told enews on August 19, “Kim Jae Joong′s solo mini album has been continuously loved. He′s ranked high not only on the Chinese MV chart, but also on Gaon Chart′s album chart for the first half of the year, ranking in at no. 7.”

Soon after its release in January, I sold out all 140,000 copies, and the repackaged version Y also sold out all 50,000 pre-ordered copies.

In a recent Sinnara poll the album was chosen as the best album of the first half of the year.

The rep added, “The album was powered with collaborations with such legendary figures as Kim Bada, vocalist of Sinawi, and Kim Jae Joong′s also been garnering more support overseas through his solo tours. Despite that he hasn′t been appearing in main channel TV shows, he′s been loved steadily inside and outside Korea.”

Source: enews
Shared Via: TVXQ!s Red Queens



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